Parking Sensor Installs

We are able to supply a wide array of front and rear parking sensor systems to suit virtually every vehicle, from standard colour coded OE style systems mounted into the bumper to heavy duty under mount sensor systems on vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender. 
Rear parking sensor system fit to a 2012 BMW Z4 in Alpine White
2014 BMW Z4 rear bumper in alpine whiteBMW Z4 rear bumper in alpine white with parking sensors installed
Reversing sensors fit to a 2013 R53 Mini in Midnight Black
2013 R53 Mini rear bumper before parking sensor install2013 R53 Mini rear bumper after parking sensor install
Rear parking sensors installed into a 2011 Mercedes SLK in Palladium Silver
2011 Mercdes SLK Palladium Grey Parking Sensors