Vauxhall Vivaro Custom Conversion

This customer required a vehicle suitable for both his work and leisure. We have fabricated a bed frame with custom lighting to one side of the vehicle, this also acts as a bench seat. We installed the customers own fridge, microwave and gas hob to the opposite side of the van with a custom made lift up top over the hob to allow maximum worktop space. the entire van is illuminated by LED down lights installed in the bulkhead and LED strip beneath the bed.
Vauxhall Vivaro sliding tinted window privacy glassvauxhall vivaro bed with lighting by turnbulls
vauxhall vivaro custom rear build and kitchenvauxhall vivaro custom kitchen fridge and microwave
vauxhall vivaro custom kitchen microwave and hob lift up top
The rear section of the vehicle is completely separated from the front, the customer specified he required storage for his surfboards beneath the bed. The rest of this space is used to store leisure batteries, gas tank for the gas hob and propex heater. There is also ample room on the water sealed shelf above this for the customer to keep his work tools and wetsuits.
vauxhall vivaro rear conversion wet areavauxhall vivaro rear conversion under bed storage surf  board