VW T4 Transporter Conversion

This customer came to us with a box full of his own parts including fridge, ZIG power unit, TV and xbox. His brief to us was to build everything in as cost effectively as possible and to create open storage space and a suspended bed to allow him to keep his kite surf boards and equipment in the van overnight whilst still being able to use the van.
We have never seen such a clean T4 van so it made the job really enjoyable for us to work on. We fully sound deadened, insulated, ply lined and carpeted the van and followed the customers instructions to install his own equipment and layout to his specification

The van stripped out before the build

Stripped out T4 rearStripped out T4 half bulkheadCarpeted T4 wheel arch coverPlug sockets and inverter section in T4 camper
The completed build, complete with ZIG unit, fridge, power, TV, xbox and storage compartments
ZIG unit with fridge in T4 camperrear of t4 camper with tv xbox and speakersRear of T4 camper bed with speakers and lightsback of t4 camper hidden compartments under bed