Focal Car Audio

Focal have been designing, developing and manufacturing high fidelity drivers and loudspeakers for over 30 years. Thanks to their consistent innovation such as their exclusive polyglass cone and their pioneering flax cone technology they are a world leader in home, automotive and studio speaker development. At Turnbulls, we have teamed up with Focal in order to bring our customers this market leading technology.

The Focal Integration range of speakers are designed to integrate seamlessly into your vehicle and give you the best in Focal sound. They can be installed with the factory car radio, meaning that you can keep the original look of your vehicle whilst still being able to enjoy your music at its best. The range consists of a wide variety of sizes to suit virtually every requirement. All of the Integration range of Focal speakers have Focal's unique polyglass cone and Aluminium inverted dome tweeters - This results in a linear frequency response curve, allowing the speakers to reproduce your music exactly as it should be.

The Focal Performance range of speakers are specifically tailored for the customer who wants even more from their audio system. The new patented Focal Flax Cone technology, as found in the Focal PS F and FX range of speakers is ultra light and rigid, allowing them to produce Focal's signature dynamic and natural sound. All speakers in the Performance range come with external crossovers, with bi amp crossovers available on some products within the range. This allows much more flexibility when fine tuning the system to sound perfect with each individual vehicle. Processed Magnesium / Aluminium alloy inverted dome tweeters are used across the range, this results in a smooth, non directional treble response. 


The Focal Elite range are the highest spec speakers available for fitment to motor vehicles. They use exotic materials such as Kevlar in the K2 range speaker cone and pure beryllium in the Utopia Be range. This allows the Elite range of speakers to flawlessly reproduce every note from the lowest bass to the highest treble, letting you listen to your music as it was intended to be. 




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